"" is our platform and proprietary development for "Content Management" and "Enterprise Content Management": Users report that they are excellent enabled by this efficient and professional editorial system -which indeed is far more- to cope with their various individual enterprise requirements.
The basic system can be upgraded with additional modules well tailored to your needs: e.g. import-engines for indexing any kind of news-feed up to challenging content- syndication and b2b data interchange are available. Most important functional modules (online purchase, direct annotation, micro payment, ...) are not simply attached to the core system but homogeneous integrated into its content management abilities and the output production as well.
According to your particular requirements connections to third party systems are easily to build up. Using its middelware functions it can represent the center of business data exchange for cooperating units and in between staff.

Our obligation as system vendor is to take care for a solid return on your investment based on quality and reliability
in technical processing and format conversion of every kind of structured digital data for electronic media and mobile.
in development and providing of steady software for integration and syndication of externally procured information as well as maintenance of internal editorial up to automatic distribution and billable delivering of content along its whole lifecycle.
in merging, reprocessing, migration and publishing of newsfeeds in combination with separate content/layout including revision and filtering of data for Internet, Intranet, or further exchange for printing and cross media purposes.
in transforming specified business data through intermediate system to faciliate automatic communication between other vendor systems otherwise not being interoperable (b2b-applications).

Solutions one-stop:

Supporting your business straight forward is our competitive strength because due to our NetContent platform we don't have to wait for developments and tools (applets, beans, code snippeds...) provided by third party vendors and licensers which may lead one day to work around the challenges you have to face almost now.


Beside our "NetContent" solutions for content, document, business interchange and almost 'all-media' management we are at your disposal as experienced and reliable partner (we live where we work, and intend to stay here at the beautiful shores of the Baltic Sea quite a bit longer ...) for your projects as far as electronic publishing and processing of all kind of structured data is concerned. We program state-of-the-art webserver applications mainly in Perl, PHP and Visual Basic. Additionally we like to recommend ourselves to design your website or its structure according to your corporate identity in compliance with your instructions or in common on our conceptual or layout proposals.


In pure technical view we are organised a way that we are able to operate applications safely on own servers with highly efficient access to backbones of the internet - you won't even realise any delay no matter where you are. Because of our economical independency will there be no interference to your competitors. Feel free to let our software solutions be set up to your needs and maintained as full service.
You determine the strategy, we implement the technology.