is an Enterprise Content Management System (eCMS) which was developed specifically for the requirements in the newspaper and publishing industry.
It includes features such as direct commentary, forum, SMS creation, voting, meta-description generation, sitemap generation, Google Maps integration, user tracking, form designer for contests and quizzes, item rating system, ecommerce, shop, payment system and online Archive and search engine.
weiter lesen offers the possibility of customers through e-paper, e-paper in Page-flip form or online supplements in page-flip form to your company to bind. The entrances to the individual pages can be administered directly into the system.

TRKD-Convert is a conversion software for the Thomson-Reuters Knowledge Database (TRKD). Currently, stock quotes and news headlines about the TRKD system and queried the old Reuters Investor-system XML (RIS) provided.

VWD-Convert is a conversion software for the "vwd data manager xml" interface. Currently, the share prices of VWD in the old system and queried Reuters Investor-system XML (RIS) provided.
Through a management tool, the query values ​​and contents of the query can be changed at any time. Changes in the form of providing a freely definable XML, HTML or PHP are available on request.

Crypt-Box is the working title of a combined hardware and software Routerbox that future encrypted radio messages from a mobile service provider. More information will follow.